Taking Time Off Is Easier With Owl Practice

Taking time off from your private mental health practice is easier with Owl Practice.

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Everyone needs a vacation now and then, but often the stress and logistics of running your private practice can make it seem impossible to get away from it all. Getting that well-deserved time off can be tricky when you see multiple clients daily while also trying to manage your practice.

But, what if your office could come with you on your vacation? Or, what if you could put processes into place that could save you hours every month? That’s precisely what Owl Practice can do for you and your practice!

Take Your Practice With You

It’s difficult for many therapists to go on vacation because they often can’t leave their practice behind for extended periods.

But with Owl, your practice is wherever you are! All you need is a wireless device, and you’ll have full access to everything! You can invoice your clients, check up on your clinical notes, look at your schedule, and more.

Everything that you do at your practice, you can do on your phone! That’s the beauty of using Owl. As a cloud-based practice management software, you never need to worry about being cut off from your business.

Cloud-Based Security

If you thought airport security was complicated before, it’s gotten even more cumbersome! Everyone is behind plexiglass, and the lines have gotten way longer.

If you are going through customs, someone might request to inspect your digital devices, like laptops, phones, or tablets. Since you’re a therapist, you might be reluctant to hand them over, since you likely have sensitive and confidential information about your clients on them.

But not if you are using Owl Practice! We place the utmost importance on ensuring you and your client’s data is secure and protected. None of your data is stored locally on your devices. Instead, we keep it on our secure servers, protected by privacy laws. Whenever you log into your device, you’re accessing that information but not keeping it on your devices. That means you can unlock your devices for customs, confident that no sensitive information is stored on them.

Your data is protected by bank-level encryption using SSL when it’s in transit between your devices. Plus, all data is backed up daily. So if something were to ever happen to one of our servers, everything would still be safe on our second one!

Organization Is Key

If you want to take some time off, you need to be organized. It’s amazing how much time simply looking for files and documents can take up in your day. But when everything is where you expect it to be, things are easy!

One advantage of using Owl Practice is how we handle file and document management. When you take notes for a client, everything is in their profile. It’s the same for their session records, contact information, personal connections, and payment information. For example, you don’t need to worry about invoicing anymore because Owl will do it for you after a session!

If you don’t need to worry about keeping all of your files organized, you can free up extra hours every month to better spend on vacation with you and your loved ones!

Client Booking

At many mental health practices, the therapist is also the receptionist. They constantly need to take calls from clients to book and reschedule appointments. This kind of thing not only takes up time but can also break your workflow.

The solution is to allow your clients to book and manage their appointments. All they need to do is head to your practice’s Owl Web Portal and check out the online booking features. They’ll see all of the times you are available for appointments, and can pick the best one for them. Once they confirm, that appointment will automatically be imported into your calendar. Even better, when a client schedules their appointment, they are much more likely to remember it!

So, no more time-consuming phone calls, plus increased session attendance. Win-win, if you ask us!

Video Therapy

What if you have a family event or obligation away from your practice, but you need to see a client? Well, welcome to Owl Video Therapy!

While video therapy can be incredibly convenient for your clients who can’t make it to in-person appointments, it can also be a remarkable tool for you if you aren’t in the office. Imagine that you have a sick child at home, so you can’t go to your practice, but you do have appointments. In this emergency case, you can contact your clients that day to see if they mind doing video therapy. Just set yourself up in your home office, and you can see all of your clients, just like if you were in your practice!

We built Owl Practice on the idea of saving mental health professionals time. We know how stressful it can be to manage a mental health practice, but Owl can help take the pressure off! With the hours you can save every month, it will become much easier to take some time off for vacation!

If you’re curious about all the ways how Owl Practice can help you save time, we invite you to sign up for a free trial! If you have any other questions or comments about our services, please contact us at

As Always,

Practice Wisely

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