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Practice Management Solution for Occupational Therapists

Save time with Owl’s practice management software to help run your practice more efficiently and see more clients. Designed to help manage the workflow and administration for occupational therapists.

Everything You Need to Run a Practice

Manage all of your client data with our all-in-one practice management solution.

Regulatory & Professional Compliant

Owl is designed to ensure compliance with state regulations and professional requirements.

Schedule Client Appointments

Schedule client appointments with ease using Owl’s intuitive calendar and integrated personal appointments feature.

Online Intake and Consent Forms

Transform your intake process to be paperless, convenient, and secure. Owl Forms are mobile friendly for your clients, and you will be emailed as soon as a client completes them.

How We Can Help

We exist to empower occupational therapists by:


We enable you to spend less time managing your practice and more time serving your clients.


We help you run a smarter, more efficient, and profitable practice by streamlining workflows and maximizing performance insight.


We create a secure digital repository of everything associated with your practice using a proven and reliable platform.


We make the entire end-to-end experience of running a private practice simple, fast, and joyful!


If you have more questions about how Owl works, you can always reach out to us.

Owl Practice has been optimized to work on any device! That means you can log in to your Owl account on your computer, your phone, your tablet, or any device with a web browser and an internet connection!

When you use Owl Practice on your phone, you will be able to do all the same tasks you can on your computer; there are no feature limitations! This is great for those therapists who work in the community, or want to work on session notes during sessions on a tablet. You can either log on to WiFi or use your phone’s data plan when working remotely.

You can use the Practice Documents section of Owl to easily store and access any clinical documents you wish. You can create a repository of the internal clinical documents, setting up your own system of folders and subfolders for optimal organization. You can use Practice Documents to store commonly shared documents which multiple staff members reference daily, allowing you to centralize even more of your administrative work within Owl.
Owl’s Client Medications tool allows practitioners to record and track their clients current prescriptions as well as medication history. In many cases, clients are prescribed psychopharmacological interventions intended to help with their mental wellness. It is very important for optimal clinical treatment that practitioners know about prescribed medications that a client is taking (or has taken in the past), in order to create a treatment plan that is in the best interests of clients.
This is one of the most important parts of Owl, and is the first screen you see when you log into your Owl account. Your Owl Calendar is designed to allow you to schedule appointments, create invoices, record payments, and write session notes without having to move to another area of Owl!

More Owl Practice Features

Complete Client Profile

Create client profiles to store contact information, financial statements, documents, and session notes.

Handwritten Notes

Create notes written with a stylus to any Session or Non-Session Note in your practice.

Secure Messaging

Secure messaging empowers therapists to message with their clients via a secure, HIPAA compliant portal.

Circle of Care

Manage family and couples sessions with ease, and track extended contacts.

Online Appointment

Let your clients book and manage their own appointments from your website.

Secure Client Data Management

Use Owl to manage all client contact details, clinical notes, to-do’s, and billing details.

HIPAA and Professional Compliance

Your data is securely stored on cloud-based servers, guaranteeing HIPAA and professional compliance.

Online Intake & Consent Forms

Transform your intake process to be paperless, convenient, and secure.

See how Owl can help Occupational Therapists thrive

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