Student Practitioner

Lead the next generation of therapists with the right tools in place.

How can Owl help Student Practitioners?

We want you to succeed. Our comprehensive platform gives you and your clients the tools you need to move forward.

Supervisor Integration

Add your Supervisor to allow them access for reviewing your notes, appearing on financial documents, and more.

Access to Owl Practice Premium Edition

Access to the Premium Solo Edition of Owl Practice (Value = $100 per month) for only $20 per month for 6 months.

Online Appointment Booking

Let your clients book and manage their own appointments from a custom, secure Client Portal.

Multiple Supervisor Access

Account for your supervisor on your sessions, financial documents, and session notes, and set your supervisor up with access to your Owl account to review and sign notes.

Resources for Student Practitioners


How Owl Practice Helps Students & New Grads

One of the most exciting things about graduating and starting your professional career is that you get to be completely autonomous. It’s up to you to make your own schedule, find an office, and research your own questions. However, this autonomy can sometimes be overwhelming when you’re used to the support systems of school.

Learn More about Owl

Watch a brief introduction video to Owl and learn more about how Owl saves over 11.3 hours a month on practice administration.

See how Owl can help Students

Let one of our experienced Customer Advocates take you on a customized demo and see how Owl might fit into your workflow.
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